December 3, 2020

Digitisation of Pre-Trade Client Workflows

. Streamlining workflow for sales and trading desks Although some areas within capital markets benefit from the efficiencies of electronic trading, the more complex and less liquid instruments still involve a great deal of manual, unstructured pre-trade activity. This creates friction (summarised in this SIFMA report), which is bad for client services, increases costs for

November 16, 2020

New Initiatives Around Standardisation and Automation in Capital Markets

By Matthew Cheung, ipushpull In my last blog, I discussed the steps that firms can take to automate some of their pre-trade, time-critical workflows, and highlighted the advantages that such automation can offer. However, automating these data-driven workflows in isolation within your own organisation only gets you so far. It does of course bring about

November 11, 2020

Automating Data-Driven Workflows in Financial Markets

By Matthew Cheung, CEO, ipushpull In previous blogs, we have focused some of the benefits of Data-as-a-Service (DaaS), discussing how DaaS can be used to accelerate digital initiatives, for example. We’ve also discussed the practicalities of how firms can enable DaaS on their legacy platforms and the steps that data-rich firms can take to offer

November 4, 2020

Digitalising Financial Markets with Data-as-a-Service

How ipushpull cloud-enables firms to seamlessly share live, streaming, and on-demand data with Data-as-a-Service. There have been many unpredicted outcomes from the current COVID-19 pandemic, but one of the more interesting ones has been the rapid acceleration of digitalisation. How rapid? Well, earlier this year, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella stated that they’d seen two years’

August 18, 2020

Moving towards future state in capital markets – The Financial Technologist

It’s a very wide spectrum in capital markets between legacy user environments at one end and the equivalent of the SpaceX Dragon 2 mission and its recent launch at the other, where automation is center stage. There is a lot that firms can be doing today to move towards the latter, especially as fast evolving

August 6, 2020

Using Data-as-a-Service to Accelerate Digital Initiatives

Financial markets firms are increasingly capitalising on their data by taking advantage of cloud-based technologies that enable them to seamlessly connect with desktop applications. In a recent webinar, industry experts discussed how Data-as-a-Service enhances client experience, widens digital distribution channels and provides better workflow efficiency and automation for end-users. Microsoft reported a record fiscal year in

June 25, 2020

Enabling Data-as-a-Service on Legacy Platforms

In a previous blog, we wrote about the competitive edge that data-rich financial institutions and solution vendors can gain by offering ‘Data-as-a-Service‘. But what are some of the key considerations when it comes to cloud-enabling a firm’s existing legacy platforms? How difficult is it to offer live data or real-time data sharing through commonly used

June 22, 2020

ipushpull participates in Integrated Workflows webinar by Chart IQ

Alongside industry experts from Citi Ventures, Bloomberg, Illuminate Financial Management and ChartIQ, ipushpull participated in an “Integrated Workflows: From Nice-to-Have to Business Continuity Imperative” webinar hosted by Chart IQ, which ran on June 9th 2020. The webinar is now available for replay here. In the environment of the pandemic, companies continue to operate, while discovering

June 16, 2020

ipushpull pre-trade workflow solutions a hit at Investment Association’s ‘Power Pitches’

On the 2nd of June ipushpull participated in The Investment Association (IA) Engine Innovators Power Pitches, where cohort 3 of the buy-side focused Engine programme showcased the latest technology solutions for asset managers and hedge funds. The Engine programme is a Fintech accelerator and hub that gives a platform to best-in-class Fintech innovators, connecting innovative,

June 3, 2020

How can data-rich financial institutions and vendors provide ‘Data-as-a-Service’ to their clients?

Banks, inter-dealer brokers, funds and financial data vendors maintain unique, and in many cases live, data sets. This data could provide a competitive edge to clients if it could be easily shared with them It has become something of a truism that data is a valuable commodity in today’s economy. Particularly so in the financial

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