Bridging desktop applications
and the cloud

Are you in control of your data?

Sharing data via email and file sharing services is inefficient and can compromise your security.

ipushpull lets you securely share data, without sending files, between desktop applications like Microsoft Excel, mobile devices and cloud services in real-time.

Smart, simple and seamless

ipushpull gives you more automation, more control, more efficiency and more security in sharing information within your internal teams or with customers and clients.

Live and Automated without Files

ipushpull doesn't rely on files so no more email attachment or file sync services: you can automatically share just the information you want to.

Plug and Play, Desktop and Cloud

No integration or development required: whether you're an Excel, Word or PowerPoint user you can share live information quickly and simply with other desktop applications, mobile devices and connected cloud services.

Secure Cloud or On-Premises

Whether you install on-site or use our cloud service you can share information safely with your mobile workforce, customers, clients and suppliers.

Controlled and Audited

ipushpull has a user-access control model which enables permissioning at the sub-page while maintaining a full record of all interactions with the platform.

One Platform: Cross Industry and Cross Function

Find out how our customers, large and small, are using ipushpull.

Financial Markets
GMEX: Excel Data Distribution

We use ipushpull to automatically deliver prices directly to our clients' desktop applications. It’s secure, audited and simple to set up, saving us a huge amount of development cost.

James Davies Chief Operating Officer

Retail & Manufacturing
GHD: Automatic Remote Excel consolidation

ipushpull is very easy to use and the integration with Excel made it straightforward to get our international operations up-to-speed. It has saved resource time and increased the visibility of global business performance data to our key stakeholders.

Lewis Black Head of Finance

Online Trading
ForTrade: Remote Team Process Tracking

ipushpull enabled us to model our complex on-boarding process and manage it in a single set of shared online pages with appropriate permissions for each team’s members. Emails and phone calls reduced by 90% and efficiency dramatically increased.

Nick Collison Chief Executive Officer

Equity Research Distribution
FuturesTechs: Controlled Distribution of PDFs

As a Research Producer with hundreds of clients, distribution by email was always a worry as there was no control over copying and forwarding. ipushpull's simple sharing model eliminates the emails and locks down access so we are now able to monitor and maximise revenues.

Clive Lambert Managing Director

Live Sports Score
ClemsonPaws: Live data from Desktop Excel to Wordpress

I run my own startup website that is a College Football analysis site called ClemsonPaws. The site is very detailed and I use ipushpull for everything to deliver in-play real-time sport statistics to my paying subscribers.

Michael Wilson @KrakenPaws

Education / Online Learning
Amplify: Deliver online course content simply and securely over the web

Using ipushpull's online portal we are able deliver training course content simply and securely over the web. ipushpull’s Add-ins meant integration took only a matter of hours, even for live data distribution.

William de Lucy Managing Director

Our Partners

ipushpull partners with the best vendors, cloud services and solution providers to expand the capabilities of our platform and meet the needs of our customers.

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