Live Data Sharing and Workflow Automation

A new way of using data in financial markets

Introducing ipushpull for Symphony

Integrating data into enterprise chat

Introducing ipushpull for Microsoft Teams

Faster Information, Better Insight

Live distribution and consolidation of data without files or emails, connecting common applications across internal teams or external clients.

Efficient, Automated Workflow

Collaborate on shared data in real time inside your chat and desktop applications. Enhance with powerful workflow automation tools.

Rapid, Secure and Cost Effective

Add-ins mean little or no development and integration cost. Encryption, audit and monitoring means better security and more control.

Plug and Play Data Interoperability

No integration or development - share live information quickly and simply with add-ins and plugins. From your on-site databases or file-based applications like Excel, to your own website or connected apps and cloud services.
Share data the smart way.

Live and automated without files

ipushpull doesn't rely on files so no more email attachment or file sync services. Automatically share just the information you want to - live.

Secure live Web App

With the ipushpull live Web App you can distribute data safely to your client base or use the platform internally, providing access on a user by user basis with Active Directory.

Not just data

Set up multi-view workspaces that support many different content types, from APIs to PDFs, streaming audio and video. All governed by simple, powerful user access controls.

Controlled and audited

ipushpull user access controls enable permissioning at the sub-page level. Our monitoring tools record all interactions with the platform.

Secure cloud or on-premises

Whether you choose to install on-site or use our cloud service, share information securely with your mobile workforce, customers, clients and suppliers using ipushpull's encrypted platform.

Other business tools

Other ipushpull features include: Content-based and system-based SMS, email Alerts, or Chat notifications configurable by the user. Admin interface for management of users, Pages and access. SSO (Single Sign on) with Active Directory support for Enterprise user management.


ipushpull works with some amazing partners...

TP-ICAP uses ipushpull's data sharing and workflow automation service to push access-controlled live rates options prices to our clients' desktop Excel. It was a fast and cost effective way to deliver just what we needed and their innovative 'Data Interop' model gives us a strong foundation for future innovation.

Grant Webster, TP-ICAP, London

ipushpull is the solution we were looking for to quickly post MS Excel charts and table on our internal website. My colleagues and I are blown away by the product’s robustness and functionality.

Samuel Kunz, MD, Office of the CIO, University of California

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