Using Databases as an ipushpull Data source

Sharing data from your local database with your team, with remote offices or with clients, usually means exporting query results into files and sharing them over email or via file sharing sites or FTP. Such manual processes introduce problems with version control and out-of-date data, leading to inefficiency and unnecessary risks.

ipushpull eliminates the need to share files by letting you connect your database to our secure distribution platform, automating data sharing to multiple client desktops and mobile apps with powerful access control and usage monitoring.

Connect your database live to remote users

Data Sources

Microsoft SQL Server

Client Apps

Microsoft Teams
WordPress / Website

Connected, audited, seamless


Share data in real time from your local database and deliver it live or on demand to remote client applications including Excel, chat and ipushpull's desktop and mobile apps. And send real-time notifications as your data changes.


Control user access to your data down to the individual cell level and monitor who's accessing it. Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Quick & Easy

ipushpull's live desktop and mobile app and add-ins for the applications you're already using mean it's quick and easy to deploy and there's no development needed.

Live data sharing from your database

Live data sharing from your database

No more file sharing

ipushpull integrates with your current systems, eliminating file sharing, reducing manual processes and preventing version control problems. It's a more flexible, powerful and controlled way to share data from your local database

  • Give your customers and clients access to key data live
  • Improve efficiency, productivity and service
  • Improve control and analysis of data usage and consumption

Local database

Remote Team or Clients

Typical Use Cases

Typical Use Cases

On demand Queries, Data Distribution, Live Reporting

Whe you connect your databases to ipushpull you can create real-time reports and queries accessible from all of the ipushpull connectors.

  • Reference data company: providing chatbots in Symphony so customers can query databases on demand
  • Bank: providing live trade axe database queries via chatbots and MS Excel
  • Manufacturer: distributing key live data from databases to the factory floor and mobile devices

Your live data on your clients' desktops

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