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Powerful data sharing & workflow automation

From off-the-shelf live Data-as-a-Service to custom B2B workflow automation, with ipushpull you can deliver real-time solutions both for your internal teams and for your customers or financial counterparties. Improve efficiency by connecting services, platforms and applications into a secure, unified, live environment, eliminating emails and file sharing and replacing costly legacy platforms.


Connect Data Live

Connect your data or platform to any application in real time. No coding required.


Build Workflows

Build powerful custom workflow solutions replacing inefficient emails, file sharing and spreadsheets.


Bots and Automation

Use our Bots, alerts and notifications framework to automate key parts of your workflow.

Example Solutions: Capital Markets

Real-time Data Distribution and Data-on-demand

Connect your data service or pricing platform and plug in client applications live, all with low/no code. Audit all user activity, monitor usage. Develop more efficient services and improve monetisation.


  • Prices or vol curves delivered live into client's desktop Excel
  • Reference Data service delivered on-demand into multiple clients applications
  • Sharing of read-only Axes with counterparts live or on-demand into chat
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Pre-trade Negotiation Workflows

Connect your sales and trading desks, or out to your counterparts in real time. Filtered live data and chat integration means faster pricing and negotiation and a better service.


  • Live Axe sharing between Sales and Trading embedded in chat-based workflows
  • Live external Axe or IOI sharing embedded in chat with smart filtering
  • Complex package and basket trade workflows between counterparts in a live chat environment
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Post-trade and Operations

Replacing files, emails and spreadsheets with live data and chat integration means more efficiency and better audit. Connect your trading/sales desks live to risk or back office for real-time risk checks or trade fails resolutions.


  • Real time collaboration and resolution on trade fails between counterparts
  • Cross function/department client on-boarding workflow manager
  • Automatic counterparty risk consolidations and checking delivered as a service in chat
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Improved efficiency
Reduced costs
Reduced errors
Better oversight

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