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Single Platform: Cross Industry - Cross Function

ipushpull combines a powerful set of features in a single, easy-to-use platform, solving everyday problems common across industries and functions. ipushpull improves efficiency and security and helps businesses save time and money.

Excel Data Sharing

ipushpull lets you share live data between desktop MS Excel spreadsheets whether they’re in the same office or on opposite sides of the world.

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Excel to WordPress

ipushpull lets you display live, updating data from your desktop Excel spreadsheets in your WordPress website or blog.

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Excel to Cloud

ipushpull Data Pages let you share your data over the cloud - simply and securely.

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Excel Desktop Audit

ipushpull lets you monitor and control usage of desktop spreadsheets acrosss your organisation in real-time.

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PDF Sharing

ipushpull PDF Pages let you share content with your client base without having to email files.

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Features Index

Simple, secure live data and content sharing for businesses and enterprises

Live Data Pages

Share snapshots or live data between desktop applications such as Microsoft Excel and to mobile devices without uploading files or email attachments.

PDF Document Delivery

A simple and secure means of distributing valuable PDF content like legal documents or confidential research material without email.

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Local Integration with Excel

Share live content with your colleagues and clients directly from the powerful applications you’re already familiar with.

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Live Data on your Mobile Device

Share and update your content directly from your mobile or securely gather information from remote users while you're away from your desk.

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Custom Alerts via Email or SMS

Receive alerts when a trading portfolio balance limit has been breached or use them to monitor user access to specific Pages.

Live Spreadsheet Collaboration

An ideal platform for remote collaboration by controlling access to shared Pages of information across all devices.

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Patent-pending Access Control

Our model supports both simple access models for small teams and user group based access models for large enterprises.

End-to-end Encryption

Significantly improve your security by combining our patent-pending access control with AES 256bit military grade end-to-end encyption

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