ipushpull for Microsoft Teams

ipushpull's easy to use app enhances your MS Teams environment with live/streaming data, connectivity to your in-house applications and advanced workflow automation tools.

Share data live with MS Teams from local applications

Encrypted, Live, Seamless

Live / Streaming

Share real-time data or charts in MS Teams from your local spreadsheets or other applications with our easy to use connections, add-ins and APIs.

Better Connectivity

You’re not stuck in the cloud. Connect tables of data seamlessly from your local database or spreadsheets to your MS Teams group – no development required.

Workflow & Automation

Add user-defined action buttons to automate common tasks or update status and set your own alerts and notifications according to pre-defined conditions.

Benefits of ipushpull
MS Teams App

Your Cloud Service or
Local Platform
Your Remote Team or

Live, automated and easy to use

ipushpull automatically connects MS Teams with your current systems eliminating the need for manual processes and file sharing, introducing a more powerful and secure way of sharing data and collaborating

  • Improve your team’s access to key data
  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • No development required

Use Cases

Typical Use Cases

Share live or streaming data with MS Teams

Distribution, aggregation, monitoring

Improving security, visibility, productivity and reducing risks across different functions and industries

  • Finance department aggregating data daily from various remote business units without sharing files
  • Analysts sharing live data and charts with portfolio managers in asset-focussed MS Teams chat groups
  • Manufacturers securely connecting key live inventory data with head office, out to shop floor or mobile devices

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