Have you fully automated your report distribution process?


Are you able to track exactly who is seeing your research and charge accordingly?


Do you really understand the value you're adding to your customers?

Take control of your research distribution with ipushpull

ipushpull’s Research Delivery Platform is a low-cost, off-the-shelf secure web service which offers:

  • Automated delivery to your customers or to your trading and sales desks
  • Access control and security features to prevent unauthorised copying and sharing of your reports
  • Customer usage monitoring and reporting, helping you to assess the value of your research and set pricing accordingly
  • Compliance for you and your customers ahead of MiFID II

The ipushpull solution

Building the technology you need is an expensive business and current off-the-shelf solutions do not offer a consistent experience.

ipushpull avoids these problems by offering a cost-effective alternative which lets you protect your established customer relationships while improving automation, access control and usage monitoring. Our platform will help you:

  • Save time and minimise errors by automating delivery of research direct to customer
  • Increase revenues by charging all customers that benefit from your research

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