MiFID II is a wide-ranging piece of EU legislation designed to harmonise the financial markets of the EEA. It aims to improve investor protection and transparency. Depending on your business model, it could affect a wide range of your firm’s functions – from trading, transaction reporting and client services to IT and internal reporting systems.

Research Budgeting

Monitor, track and budget your research consumption to optimise your budgets and take control of your firm’s research consumption.

View your Research Docs with the ipushpull portal or in your chat environments like Symphony

  • MiFID II Compliance Full transparency to investors and regulators clearly showing how research budgets are spent
  • Optimise Research Consumption Gain a full picture of your firms research consumption and ensure your budgets are being used efficiently
  • Value your research Regularly assess, rate and value how much research means to your firm and your investment decisions
  • Audit Trail Full audit trail gives complete history of every research report, who looked at it and when
  • More Control Powerful user permissioning and end-to-end encryption gives full control and security over what asset managers are allowed to view
  • Integrated Full integration with current workflows and applications means minimal cost of integration and migration


Pre-trade Transparency

Real-time price distribution using your existing applications. A powerful solution for quote dissemination by voice brokers under MiFID II

  • MiFID II Compliance Simple delivery of real-time quotes to permissioned clients or to a public page, satisfying pre-trade transparency requirements
  • Rapid Deployment Plug and Play utilising current desktop apps means you can be compliant within hours, not months
  • Reduce costs No need for expensive development work or vendor lock-in
  • Flexibility Agile technology which can adapt to the ever-changing regulatory landscape
  • Audit trail Full audit trail gives complete history of every price update, who looked at what and when
  • More control Powerful user permissioning and end-to-end encryption gives full control and security
  • Service your clients Improve your brokers service by knowing exactly what quotes your client is interested in


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