Financial Markets - Data Sharing

Share your data simply and securely with colleagues and clients

Share live data over multiple channels

Simply push your data to your ipushpull page and it can be viewed live on our Web App, in Symphony, Slack and can also be embedded in WordPress.

  • Real-time
  • Connected apps
  • No emails attachments
  • No file sharing

It's Simple, it's Secure and it's Live.

Secure live Web App

Sharing live data with colleagues or clients is easy via the secure ipushpull live Web App.
Distribute data securely to your client base or use the platform internally, providing access on a user by user basis.

  • SSO (secure live Web App)
  • User access controls
  • Real-time
  • Multiple content formats

Live on your mobile

Pull your live risk data from your trading systems into your spreadsheet, aggregate it then simply push your data to your mobile device using the ipushpull Excel add-in.

  • Easy Excel integration
  • Cross-platform aggregration
  • Replace remote desktop
  • Email & SMS Alerts

It's Simple, it's Secure and it's Live.

What our customers are saying about using ipushpull...

I can watch my P&L in real time on my mobile, saving me time and avoiding surprises and losses. I no longer have to resort to a remote desktop or Dropbox.

Richard Gilbert Reditus Management

Combining the power of ipushpull and Excel we can monitor our trainee traders' positions across multiple locations and different systems, delivering live risk summaries to the desktops and mobile devices of our risk team. It's the only way we've found to easily share this sort of live proprietary information.

Piers Curran Amplify Trading Limited

We can offer all our traders secure access to aggregated live views of their positions on their mobile devices and phones. Access controls are powerful yet simple to use and we even set parameters to send automated alerts by email and SMS.

Matthew Haynes Quest Futures Limited

Our customers and partners are reducing costs and improving efficiency with ipushpull by...

  • Combining risk views across their trading platforms in real time
  • Sharing their live data internally or with client base
  • Monitoring and managing End User Computing (EUC)
  • Linking from Excel to Symphony, Slack and MS Teams
  • Updating webpages automatically with their live data
  • Deploying it as a secure, audited, plug-and-play middleware platform

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