ipushpull data sharing and workflow apps

For sharing data and building workflows

ipushpull Client App

Our standard app for sharing, viewing and editing ipushpull live pages connected to other connected applications, data sources or cloud services.

  • Cross platform web app
  • Mobile- and desktop- friendly
  • No installation required
  • Secure, access-controlled and monitored

ipushpull Custom Apps

Build your own custom workflow applications or ask us to build them for you, adding power workflow features like programmable buttons and drop downs. No code required.

  • Build simple or complex business processes
  • Replace emails and files
  • Automate chat or email notifications
  • Connect internally or with clients/counterparts

ipushpull Workspaces

In addition to live data, ipushpull offers many other read-only or editable page types, hosted in an off-the-shelf configurable desktop workspace environment. Other page types include:

  • PDFs and other documents
  • Online Powerpoint presentations
  • Playback or and streaming video
  • Audio feeds
  • 3rd party web applications

Live mobile app

The ipushpull live Web App is fully mobile-enabled for sharing and collaborating on data in real time across mobile teams or with your clients.

  • Live and streaming data on your mobile
  • Mobile-friendly formatting
  • Read/Write permissioning
  • SMS Alerts and Chat Bots

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