Excel to Cloud

ipushpull Data Pages let you share your data over the cloud - simply and securely. Share snapshots or live data between desktop applications, such as Microsoft Excel, and out to mobile devices without uploading files or sending email attachments. No need to build or license an expensive system – ipushpull lets you publish directly from the desktop applications you’re already using.

Excel to the Cloud and Back Excel to Wordpress

Excel to the Cloud and Back

Bridging the gap between local data and the cloud by connecting desktop and on-premises data to cloud services.

  • Remove technical barriers No client side integration required - produce proof-of-concept in minutes not days or weeks
  • Real-time Better automation combined with the ipushpull live data page model means real-time results
  • Plug and play Real-time secure add-ins integrated with MS Excel and other client applications
  • More efficient No more files means better automation, eliminating manual tasks and static data
  • More secure Powerful user access control combined with end-to-end encryption and full audit trail

Excel to Wordpress

ipushpull lets you display live, updating data from your desktop Excel spreadsheets in your WordPress website or blog. Learn More

  • Up to date Display the latest data from your desktop spreadsheets in your WordPress pages
  • Automatic You don't need to save the source spreadsheet to update the data, nor does the user need to refresh their browser
  • Your choice You choose the range of cells that gets displayed
  • More control You control the update frequency - every few seconds, every hour, every day
  • Access Data can be public or password protected


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