Excel Desktop Audit

The ipushpull platform gives you the complete picture of EUC (End-User-Computing) usage across your organisation and beyond. Monitor and control who’s using which spreadsheets across your business, in real time. Track the filename, version number, add-ins and market data feeds used in every spreadsheet in your organisation – live. Grant and revoke individual user’s access to sheets, instantly.

EUC Monitoring Control

Live Monitoring and Control of EUC's across your business.

  • More Control Live monitoring and control of EUC usage lets you track every application used across your organisation
  • Better Compliance Ensure everyone’s using the approved version of your spreadsheets, and spot unapproved copies immediately
  • Reduce Costs Monitor market data usage in your organisation’s spreadsheets and identify where licences can be reduced
  • Analytics Collect detailed usage and performance statistics for every sheet – identify the applications your users value most and spot problems with them early
  • Plug and Play ipushpull’s add-in plugs into common EUC applications like Microsoft Excel, so there’s no barrier to deployment


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