Excel Data Sharing

ipushpull lets you share live data between desktop MS Excel spreadsheets whether they’re in the same office or on opposite sides of the world. No more cutting and pasting and no more email attachments – it saves time and minimises errors.

Choose the range of data you want to share from your spreadsheet and, with a couple of clicks, you can share it with your colleagues and clients wherever they are. Pull the data into another spreadsheet - as the data changes on the source sheet, it’ll change everywhere else!

ipushpull is cloud-based, so there’s no complex installation. It’s encrypted end-to-end, so it’s secure. And our access management tools let you control exactly who can see the data you’re publishing.

Excel Consolidation

Consolidate data from remote spreadsheets and other data sources automatically for faster, more accurate reporting to decision makers and regulators.

  • Faster, more accurate reporting Better, faster information to the people that need it
  • Improve process Simplify and automate reporting, removing manual steps and improving efficiency
  • No more files Means no more email attachments, manual merging, double punching of data, or version control problems
  • No migration Continue to use the applications you know and love
  • No development Simple plug-ins and add-ins connect directly into applications such as MS Excel



Excel Distribution

Cloud technology integrated with your existing applications creates powerful solutions and reduces risks, costs and inefficiencies.

  • From tactical to strategic Integrate your desktop spreadsheets and other applications into an enterprise solution
  • Improve time to market Plug and Play integration with current desktop apps means you can be up and running with new solutions within hours, rather than months
  • Reduce costs Replace expensive legacy platforms with focussed user-driven solutions
  • Improve efficiency and productivity Improve automation and reduce manual errors by reducing file and email based communications
  • Empowers your workers Enable users to automate and improve efficiency and by-pass the technology backlog
  • More control Powerful user access control and end-to-end encryption gives full control and security
  • More compliance Full audit and reporting features provide a complete record of user interactions with the service