Share live data between remote desktop Excel sheets

ipushpull lets you share live data between desktop MS Excel spreadsheets whether they’re in the same office or on opposite sides of the world. No more cutting and pasting and no more email attachments – it saves time and minimises errors.

Choose the range of data you want to share from your spreadsheet and, with a couple of clicks, you can share it with your colleagues and clients wherever they are. Pull the data into another spreadsheet - as the data changes on the source sheet, it’ll change everywhere else!

ipushpull is cloud-based, so there’s no complex installation. It’s encrypted end-to-end, so it’s secure. And our access management tools let you control exactly who can see the data you’re publishing.

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Link your desktop spreadsheets globally and locally - live

ipushpull lets you share your desktop spreadsheet data in real time. As your spreadsheet updates, every sheet that’s linked to it will update, too.

Flexibility, simplicity and power without having to call a developer

People love Excel because it’s incredibly flexible – when you need to modify your spreadsheets you can do it yourself without having to call your IT team. ipushpull lets you extend Excel to become the hub of your network – share the data you want to share with the people you want whenever you choose.

View and update your desktop spreadsheets on the web and mobile

PushPull lets you view your desktop Excel spreadsheets wherever you are on our desktop and mobile websites. You don’t need to save your spreadsheets to update the data – with ipushpull it’s live. And you can update your desktop spreadsheets from your mobile phone, either through the browser or even using SMS!

Keep data secure and track who changes it

Unlike web-hosted spreadsheets like Excel Online or Google Sheets, ipushpull is end-to-end encrypted for ultimate security. Our access management tools let you control who can view or update your data, and our monitoring tools let you see who’s changed what.

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