Ever worry about sending or receiving email attachments?

Files in email or in the cloud are neither efficient nor secure. With ipushpull you can share your documents with confidence, controlling exactly who sees them and when.

ipushpull PDF Pages let you share content with your client base without having to email files. It’s a simple but secure means of distributing valuable content like legal documents or confidential research material. Control exactly who has access to your content and monitor their usage via our audit Pages and user-defined alerts. With ipushpull, you’ll know exactly who's accessing your information and how valuable it is to them.

Secure Content Delivery

Secure Content Delivery

Keep control of the content you share with your colleagues, clients, and customers.

  • Content control Enable or disable printing, downloading, forwarding, copy & pasting
  • Increase revenues New revenue opportunities developed from better focused pricing models from an improved understanding of your readers' behaviour and demographics
  • Live content updates With live web Pages, any updates or changes will automatically be visible to subscribers. No more static documents
  • Integration with file sharing platforms Use the ipushpull access control and monitoring features, even if the content is hosted on another file syncing platform (such as Dropbox)
  • Content tracking Track when content has been read or shared and when forwarding to approveded recipients, see where it's been sent
  • Viewer reports & analytics View which recipients looked at your file, previous files they’ve looked at, the seconds/per page spent, and view traffic to your content

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