Pull data on-demand, push commands into other apps or drive
data-driven chat workflows

Using the innovative ipushpull bots-by-configuration framework, powerful data-driven chatbots can be built and deployed in hours.

Normally, building bots takes time: integrating with chat, developing the logic and importantly connecting to the right data services or applications. This means costs are high and time-to-market is often weeks or months. Using ipushpull rapidly accelerates delivery combining our existing plug-and-play unified live data platform with a bots-by-configuration approach.

This means your chatbot can be configured once with no-code to connect to data sources, such as Excel, databases and APIs, and to run in multiple chat apps including Symphony, Microsoft Teams and Slack.

The ipushpull platform provides a no-code paradigm shift in how powerful data-driven workflow chatbots can be rapidly built, deployed and managed with a consistent and unified approach.

Data on demand

Pull the latest data into chat on command or at the click of a button

Data-driven Notifications

Use our data-driven notification service to send key data into chat

Custom Apps & Workflows

Integrate custom workflows into chatbots or chat apps

Share live data and notifications from local applications into chatbots


Chatbots can run in the following chat apps

Microsoft Teams

Coming soon

Facebook Messenger
Bloomberg IB chat
Refintiv Messenger

Typical Use Cases

Data on demand and data-driven workflows
Streamline your processes with chatbots connected to your data in real-time 


Distributing trade axes via API into on demand Symphony chatbot

Asset manager

Managing pre-trade negotiation workflow using custom bots and apps in Symphony

Proprietary trading

Risk departments sharing live P&L data into Slack

See how Natwest Markets digital sales share live axes into Symphony using ipushpull bots

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