July 5, 2016

ipushpull Goes for Gold: Trader uses WordPress Plugin for Live Data Sharing

Currently operating from the UK, ipushpull does not limit live data sharing services to its borders. By developing an easy to use WordPress plugin, we have opened up the doors to live data sharing from a spreadsheet, which has a plethora of uses. ABC-Goud is a Dutch gold and silver trader which prides on giving you the

June 30, 2016

How will Brexit affect UK Cloud Services?

On 23rd June the UK voted to leave the European Union. Consequently, trade regulations and relationships between the UK and the EU will be changing. Companies in all sectors will be affected, including iPushPull. As a provider of live data sharing to businesses in multiple sectors across Europe, continued compliance with European data protection regulation is critical for

June 23, 2016

Display Live Sports Results with iPushPull WordPress Plugin

Though ipushpull began as a means to push live data from desktop Excel sheets to mobile devices, it has transformed to solve a far larger host of problems. We have designed our platform to be able to allow remote spreadsheets and other applications to share live data. This was initially to solve common problems in

June 21, 2016

What makes a good collaboration platform?

Symphony and Markit partnership boost collaboration in Financial Services Symphony and Markit have announced a partnership to promote the adoption of a Collaboration Platform as a Service (CPaaS) in the financial industry. The news is likely to provide a boost to the adoption of collaboration platforms across a sector which has been traditionally reluctant to entrust its confidential content to third

June 16, 2016

Microsoft LinkedIn Acquisition Creating New Opportunities for Data Collaboration

Microsoft sent shockwaves across the Fintech industry this week as they announced their LinkedIn acquisition for a whopping $26.2 billion! Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, released a public overview of the agreement that begins to touch upon how this will transform data collaboration and integration on the web; things that iPushPull has been working to improve with

April 28, 2016

ipushpull WordPress Plugin – What are our users creating?

Are you looking for a way to embed a dynamic data table in your WordPress website or blog? Did you know that there is a WordPress plug-in for that! May be you have a sports team and would like to share the league table live on your website with data updating regularly, or you have

April 26, 2016

Live data on your website, powered by iPushPull and Microsoft Excel

Live Data. Just data. It’s everywhere. But how do you get it into a web post in a format that your customers, colleagues or readers find engaging? You could copy and paste it of course, but what happens when that data changes. What happens if that data is continually updating? You need a live webpage, but that

April 19, 2016

Google Sheets and Excel Online vs iPushPull – Why choose iPushPull?

We’re often asked about the differences between iPushPull vs Google Sheets and Excel Online. The Google and Microsoft applications attempt to replicate desktop spreadsheets but offer vastly reduced functionality and integration. And they don’t tackle the data security and access control issues that face all users who share spreadsheets with their colleagues and clients. In

April 7, 2016

What(sapp) took you so long?

At iPushPull we take our users’ privacy and security very seriously, so we were intrigued that two of  the biggest news stories to break this week relate to just that. We think it’s great that everyone is suddenly talking about encryption. Whatsapp‘s plan to incorporate Open Whisper Systems‘ TextSecure protocol for end-to-end encryption is old news, announced way back in

April 6, 2016

End-to-end encryption for all Whatsapp messages …but not for spreadsheets!

Hot on the heels from the security fob off from Apple to the US government, WhatsApp is updating its messenger app with strong encryption so that every text and voice call will be highly protected for their 1 billion+ users. After starting the process in 2014, Facebook owned Whatsapp have fully completed their roll out

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