March 16, 2017

No More Slacking….Microsoft Teams Launches To Office 365 Users

Microsoft Teams is no longer in soft launch or ‘customer preview’ as the $500 billion company likes to call it. As of now, Teams is included in the Enterprise and Small Business versions of Office 365. During its soft launch the collaboration platform managed to attract more than 50,000 companies (including Accenture, ConocoPhillips, Deloitte, Expedia

February 23, 2017

Brexit Effects on UK FinTech Ecosystem

Ever since the Brexit vote, the FinTech industry has been busy trying to determine what it could mean for their business. There were high hopes that Theresa May’s Lancaster House speech would provide some clarity but it only hinted at what agreements might be struck. UK-based banks are considering moving staff abroad, VC investments in FinTech are decreasing

January 24, 2017

iPushPull – Giving you Big Data, Fast

Big Data describes the increasingly large volumes of data that companies collect every day, through social media, clickstreams, data sensors and point-of-sales. If they’re able to analyse these massive sets of structured and unstructured data and unearth the patterns and trends hidden inside, companies can discover a great deal about their customers, employees and even their business’ operational efficiency. Big Data

January 17, 2017

Best FinTech Events and Conferences in London 2017

Despite the challenges that have been thrown at London post-Brexit, the Fintech capital of Europe is booming. With the abundance of tech talent and with access to the world’s largest financial hub, it’s no wonder that the FinTech events scene is more buzzing than ever. UK FinTech firms have generated a whopping $5.4 billion in

January 6, 2017

Top 5 workflow tools – supercharge your Excel and spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel‘s entrenched position as the most popular business tool owes a great deal to its breadth of functionality and flexibility. Over the years Excel users, from small businesses to financial professionals, have found that they’ve been able to turn its power to solve a huge range of challenges. However, many people are also using Excel for

December 22, 2016

Tech trends 2017: Convergence – Not the movie

Convergence. Sounds like the title of a dodgy b-movie, doesn’t it? And it is. In fact, there are several. But I’m not concerned with badly-scripted, straight-to-streaming films today. Convergence is one of the hottest subjects in tech press at the moment, particularly in the area of cloud services and productivity tools. For tech trends 2017: convergence

December 14, 2016

Real-time Profit and Loss, Risk and Alerts on your Mobile

As a trader or risk manager in the digital age, is there any reason for you to be tied to your desk? Could you be spending more time doing more productive things, improving systems, analysing markets or even freeing up time for the family? Read on and find out how to keep track of real-time

December 9, 2016

Share Real-Time Sales Figures with Your Team

As a sales manager of a vibrant sales team, you will find it hard to track your real-time sales figures. And as a member of the sales team, you would want to be able to see your personal performance. Larger companies tend to adopt online sales management platforms such as SalesForce or HubSpot. However these

November 25, 2016

Faster Excel workflow with new iPushPull Add-in

Following the release of the new iPushPull web platform, the Excel add-in has now been updated with great new features for a simplified experience and a much faster Excel workflow. These features provide a streamlined version of the Excel add-in and automates manual tasks, saving you precious time. Download the new version here. We’ve put together a

November 24, 2016

On Premise and Remote Desktop to Cloud Sharing

Uploading and downloading files, cutting and pasting, is that how you share on premise and cloud documents right now? Not as smooth as you’d like, is it? There is a much more streamlined process, without extra downloads or extra copies of files cluttering your drive. With iPushPull you can work with files straight from your desktop,

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