January 16, 2018

Full list of 2020 London FinTech events, meetups & conferences

Despite the challenges the UK’s economy has faced in recent times associated with Brexit, the FinTech sector continues to go from strength-to-strength. With this continued buzz it’s no surprise that London will be full of interesting and exciting fintech events and conferences in 2020. Last year beat the record for UK fintech investment, with the

January 10, 2018

Former Bloomberg Global Product Manager Joins FinTech Startup ipushpull Advisory Board

London, UK – 10th January 2018: ipushpull is pleased to announce that Amar Rajani has joined its Advisory Board with immediate effect. Amar is Founder and Managing Director of Argella Limited, an advisory firm specialising in FinTech with specialist knowledge in research, data and collaboration. Prior to launching Argella, Amar spent 17 years at Bloomberg

December 7, 2017

Out with the old, in with the new….AIM gets the chop while Symphony picks up the slack

The recent explosive growth of collaboration platforms like Symphony, Slack and Microsoft Teams can be at least in part attributed to the withdrawal of existing older chat platforms from the market. Or in some cases, their support for 3rd party integrations is leaving users no choice but to look for alternative solutions. As the user

November 9, 2017

Share spreadsheets into Slack – app takes data interoperability to the next level

In a recent blog we highlighted that if chat and collaboration platforms are looking to replace email then ipushpull is positioned to replace file attachments and file sharing. In the past few years, driven by version control frustrations, email fatigue, security concerns and the desire for faster, more interactive communication, the sharing of information via

October 18, 2017

Innovation in RegTech for Financial Services

Since the 2008 financial crisis, governments and central banks have introduced a vast array of new regulation for the financial services industry. This has led to the emergence of a new type of FinTech start-up, “RegTech“. RegTech (regulatory technology) refers to either a firm or group of companies that use technology to help businesses comply with regulations

September 28, 2017

ipushpull at Symphony Innovate 2017

The ipushpull team is excited to be heading to New York for the annual Symphony Innovate conference on October 4th 2017. Come and visit us at our booth for a demo of our popular Symphony integration and find out more about how our customers are using it. And don’t miss our CEO, Matthew Cheung, participating

September 21, 2017

As enterprise chat replaces email, what’s replacing attachments?

It used to be so easy. If you wanted to share a document or a spreadsheet with your colleagues or clients you had one choice – attach it to an email and hit send. Email is reasonably fast and reliable and accessible by everyone, whether they are running Gmail in a browser or Outlook on

May 22, 2017

The Future of Work – Symphony, the Latest $1bn Unicorn

2017 has been an interesting year for the enterprise workspace collaboration market with Symphony becoming the latest unicorn fetching a valuation topping $1bn -which means Wall Street now has its own coveted ‘unicorn’ tech company. Symphony now ranks, and competes, alongside Slack, Microsoft, Google and Facebook in the enterprise collaboration market…. and…. of course…. Bloomberg.

May 22, 2017

Share data from Excel to Slack

The Slack platform is a great collaboration tool for teams, that has created a shared workspace with a messenger interface. This communication solution that aims to replace email, allows teams to add anything from tasks to GIFs in Slack channels. Users can upload files as they are chatting about them, which is useful but files

April 10, 2017

Excel spreadsheets to WordPress in One Click

The popularity of the ipushpull plug-in for WordPress has been going strong for nearly 2 years which is why ipushpull is ranked number 1 on Google for “Excel to WordPress” and “Excel to websites”. Use of the plugin is far and wide with a variety of companies from different industries all pushing data from Excel spreadsheets

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