July 21, 2015

Another day, another hack – using client-side encryption to protect your data online

The theft of extremely sensitive data at extra-marital affairs site Ashley Madison is just the latest in a series of online data thefts to hit the headlines. As each new case is reported, it reinforces the message that client-side (or end-to-end) encryption – encrypting your data before it leaves your computer or phone – is

July 12, 2015

iPushPull Update: New Dashboard plus improved navigation and editing

We’ve been busy improving the iPushPull user experience and now we’re ready to go public with the new updates! This release adds a new dashboard to our web app with quick access to support and the latest company news. We’ve also made it easier to navigate around your folders and pages and improved page editing on our desktop and mobile

June 23, 2015

Enrich your live iPushPull pages by adding links

Have you added links to your iPushPull pages yet? You can add links between iPushPull pages and to external websites, and links that launch your phone, SMS or email applications directly from your live data pages. Adding links between your iPushPull pages lets you build rich, deep and LIVE websites, and our Microsoft Excel Add-in lets you add them quickly and easily. Links let you structure your

June 5, 2015

Link global teams, aggregate global figures and create live reports in minutes

Case Study: Global Retail Company using iPushPull to aggregate figures and to create weekly reports. The company has more than ten offices across the globe, from Australia to South Africa to the USA. Each of these sites generates sales figures and forecasts in MS Excel spreadsheets and submits them to head office in the UK.  They used to do

May 19, 2015

Link Excel spreadsheets so no more email attachments

If you scroll down your email inbox I’ll bet you’ll see a fair few paper clips, highlighting those emails that arrived complete with their own attachment. Let’s take a look at a few, shall we, and see what’s attached? Ah – here’s an MS Excel spreadsheet with those sales forecasts you were waiting for. And

April 30, 2015

iPushPull Update – Simple Page Access Management

We had to smile when Dropbox recently announced that they’d finally added User Groups support to their business package, as iPushPull has featured User Group access control from Day One. It makes it easy to manage the access each team within a business has to different pages – when a new team member joins, just add them to the team

April 2, 2015

Five things for SMEs and Startups to consider when applying for InnovateUK SMART grants

One of the highlights of the past year at iPushPull was winning our first SMART award from InnovateUK. Winning the second was even better (well, it was a lot more money!). Both grants have helped us fund our ground-breaking research and development work in the fields of security and encryption. We’re aiming to integrate the

April 1, 2015

Nail-biting climax to the Bournemouth University Trading Competition

Last week the iPushPull founders took a day trip to the seaside for the climax of the Bournemouth University trading competition. Students from the University Business School have spent the last three months competing against each other to make the biggest pot of virtual money, while trying to stick to prudent trading strategies. The competition

March 16, 2015

iPushPull Website Update – Templates!

We’ve added templates to the latest version of iPushPull. Once you’ve created a page layout that you want to use frequently (e.g. an invoice or a report) you can designate it to be a template. Then the next time you create a new page you can pre-populate it from your saved layout. Designating a Page to be

March 2, 2015

iPushPull connects student traders with live data during educational trading competition

Quest Futures and Bournemouth University Business School are partnering for the second time in an educational trading competition with a growing number of participants. The competition is open to all Year 4 Finance Masters Students. Starmark Investment Services is providing the trading software and all participants are connected using the iPushPull platform from PushPull Technology,

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