January 22, 2016

FinTech Conferences and Events in London – Best of 2016

With start-up friendly regulation, access to capital and a dynamic and innovative workforce London’s FinTech scene is stronger than ever, easily fending off claims of being just another tech bubble. Over the last 5 years only 19 UK tech firms have raised at least $100 mln however this will soon change with London still ahead

January 12, 2016

Matthew Cheung, former COO of RANsquawk, joins iPushPull as CEO

London based Financial Technology start-up iPushPull, which delivers secure document distribution and live data sharing between desktop applications, is pleased to announce the appointment of Matthew Cheung as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Matthew will be responsible for harnessing the innovation of iPushPull’s two founders, Dan Eccleston and David Jones, by defining and implementing

December 21, 2015

Could MiFID II and Commercial Pressures spell the end for Email Distribution of Financial Research?

In the $3.4bn market for financial research, two powerful forces are driving companies away from email distribution towards comprehensive document sharing solutions. In Europe, the MiFID II regulatory changes will require consumers to monitor and report their use of research. And in the US, research producers are tightening controls to ensure only those people who have paid

November 4, 2015

FuturesTechs chooses iPushPull for Secure Delivery of Financial Research

iPushPull is delighted to announce our new partnership with FuturesTechs, the FCA regulated & award-winning technical research company. FuturesTechs is using iPushPull’s new document distribution feature to securely deliver daily technical analysis research to their clients. This new feature enables iPushPull’s customers to share content with their clients across all devices while letting them control access and monitor document usage. Clive Lambert, the founder of

October 9, 2015

Embed live Excel spreadsheets in web pages using our WordPress Plugin

We’ve had a great response to the ipushpull WordPress plugin we released back in August! The plugin lets you display live Excel data in your webpages when you’re using desktop Excel. We weren’t entirely sure what people would do with it and it’s been fascinating to find out the kind of uses it’s being put to. Here’s what some of our

August 7, 2015

Display live data from Excel spreadsheets in your WordPress website or blog

ipushpull now lets you embed live, updating data from your desktop Excel spreadsheets in your WordPress website or blog! Whether you’ve a price list that you want to publish every morning, or finance data that changes every few seconds, we’ve made it incredibly easy to send this data directly from your desktop Excel spreadsheet to your site. You don’t need to

July 21, 2015

Another day, another hack – using client-side encryption to protect your data online

The theft of extremely sensitive data at extra-marital affairs site Ashley Madison is just the latest in a series of online data thefts to hit the headlines. As each new case is reported, it reinforces the message that client-side (or end-to-end) encryption – encrypting your data before it leaves your computer or phone – is

July 12, 2015

iPushPull Update: New Dashboard plus improved navigation and editing

We’ve been busy improving the iPushPull user experience and now we’re ready to go public with the new updates! This release adds a new dashboard to our web app with quick access to support and the latest company news. We’ve also made it easier to navigate around your folders and pages and improved page editing on our desktop and mobile

June 23, 2015

Enrich your live iPushPull pages by adding links

Have you added links to your iPushPull pages yet? You can add links between iPushPull pages and to external websites, and links that launch your phone, SMS or email applications directly from your live data pages. Adding links between your iPushPull pages lets you build rich, deep and LIVE websites, and our Microsoft Excel Add-in lets you add them quickly and easily. Links let you structure your

June 5, 2015

Link global teams, aggregate global figures and create live reports in minutes

Case Study: Global Retail Company using iPushPull to aggregate figures and to create weekly reports. The company has more than ten offices across the globe, from Australia to South Africa to the USA. Each of these sites generates sales figures and forecasts in MS Excel spreadsheets and submits them to head office in the UK.  They used to do

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