April 10, 2017

Excel spreadsheets to WordPress in One Click

The popularity of the ipushpull plug-in for WordPress has been going strong for nearly 2 years which is why ipushpull is ranked number 1 on Google for “Excel to WordPress” and “Excel to websites”. Use of the plugin is far and wide with a variety of companies from different industries all pushing data from Excel spreadsheets

March 22, 2017

Live Data from Excel to WordPress – Trading, Price lists, Rankings, Schedules…

ipushpull is a cloud based data sharing platform that connects desktop Excel to websites, webapps and cloud services. Our number 1 ranked WordPress plugin lets you display live Excel data onto the web. From there you can choose whether you want to share it privately with other ipushpull users or share it with everyone by

January 6, 2017

Top 5 workflow tools – supercharge your Excel and spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel‘s entrenched position as the most popular business tool owes a great deal to its breadth of functionality and flexibility. Over the years Excel users, from small businesses to financial professionals, have found that they’ve been able to turn its power to solve a huge range of challenges. However, many people are also using Excel for

December 14, 2016

Real-time Profit and Loss, Risk and Alerts on your Mobile

As a trader or risk manager in the digital age, is there any reason for you to be tied to your desk? Could you be spending more time doing more productive things, improving systems, analysing markets or even freeing up time for the family? Read on and find out how to keep track of real-time

December 9, 2016

Share Real-Time Sales Figures with Your Team

As a sales manager of a vibrant sales team, you will find it hard to track your real-time sales figures. And as a member of the sales team, you would want to be able to see your personal performance. Larger companies tend to adopt online sales management platforms such as SalesForce or HubSpot. However these

November 25, 2016

Faster Excel workflow with new iPushPull Add-in

Following the release of the new iPushPull web platform, the Excel add-in has now been updated with great new features for a simplified experience and a much faster Excel workflow. These features provide a streamlined version of the Excel add-in and automates manual tasks, saving you precious time. Download the new version here. We’ve put together a

November 24, 2016

On Premise and Remote Desktop to Cloud Sharing

Uploading and downloading files, cutting and pasting, is that how you share on premise and cloud documents right now? Not as smooth as you’d like, is it? There is a much more streamlined process, without extra downloads or extra copies of files cluttering your drive. With iPushPull you can work with files straight from your desktop,

November 3, 2016

Effectively Share and Collaborate on Excel Data: iPushPull vs. Dropbox

When it comes to effectively sharing and collaborating on Excel data, one might think that iPushPull works similarly to Dropbox. Both applications incorporate cloud hosting, data sharing, and editing by multiple users straight from desktop applications. The main difference is files. Dropbox is a file sharing service whereas iPushPull is a data and content sharing

October 19, 2016

Real-time Risk Aggregation using iPushPull

Proprietary Traders, Brokers, Clearing Services and their clients all need to know the market exposure and risk to their firms at any given point in time. Risk managers often sit in front of multiple screens monitoring positions in real-time from multiple risk modules on different trading platforms. Without expensive development work or costly enterprise risk

August 1, 2016

4 Easy Steps to Access your ERP System on the Web

Is your company using an on-premises legacy ERP system? Having trouble sharing your data across your business, or viewing it on the web and mobile? Fear not as iPushPull is the solution for you! Our service connects your in-house ERP system on the web, giving you the benefits of a cloud-based ERP system without the effort of a costly migration.

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