API Automation

Distributing data to clients from your local platform or cloud service usually means sharing files. This means data cannot be shared live and introduces problems of version control, poor automation, unnecessary risk and inefficiencies.

ipushpull eliminates the need to share files by letting you connect live to our secure distribution platform using our suite of APIs, sharing your data live to multiple client desktops and mobile applications with powerful access control and usage monitoring.

Connect your local platform or cloud service live to remote users of

ipushpull Web App
MS Teams

Connected, audited, seamless


Share data in real time from your local platform or cloud service to remote client applications like Excel or ipushpull's desktop or mobile applications


All your data is fully end-to-end encrypted and you can fully control and monitor end user access right down to the data 'range' level

Quick & Easy

ipushpull's live web app and Add-ins for the applications you’re customers are already using mean its quick and easy to deploy and there’s no development needed on the client side

Benefits of ipushpull & no files

Your Cloud Service or
Local Platform
Your Remote Team or

Live, secure and easy to use

ipushpull connects automatically into your customers and clients eliminating the need for manual processes and file sharing, introducing a more flexible, powerful and controlled way of sharing data from your local platform or cloud service

  • Improve access to key data live for customers and clients
  • Improve efficiency of your service
  • Improve control and analysis of data usage and consumption

Use Cases

Typical Use Cases

Your live data on your clients desktops

Distribution, aggregation, monitoring

Improving security, visibility and productivity and reducing risks across different functions and industries

  • Cloud service distributing query results or exposing hosted models live directly into client-side Excel or chat application
  • Broker distributing live OTC prices to client base from an internal pricing engine
  • Broker receiving contributions from multiple remote client-side Excel sessions and feeding into internal platform for aggregation

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