ipushpull for slack

Share the latest data from your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets straight into Slack. And it’s live – when you update your sheet, your channel updates automatically.

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Getting started is as easy as ...

1 Setup

Set up a free ipushpull account and install our Excel Add-In

2 Create

Push your data to the ipushpull platform from Excel

3 Share

Add ipushpull to your Slack team and share data in any channel

The easiest way to get data into Slack

Easily display live updating data in any Slack channel. Boost productivity by collaborating on the most up-to-date information, shared straight from desktop Excel. It’s great for financial information, sales updates, stock control – anything that’s critical for your business. Now everyone in your team can see the latest data without having to leave Slack.

Share what you want, when you want

Share everything from a single cell to a large data range. And it’s not just for Excel – ipushpull links to databases and cloud services, too, giving you a single interface into all your important business data.

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